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LETTER: Divided loyalties on city council

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With Philip Brown as a newly democratically-elected mayor of Charlottetown, the city can grow in new and exciting directions. Mayor Brown and the freshly elected slate of councillors deserve to govern without impediment from the city's former mayor.

Peter Kelly should be relieved from his position of chief administrative officer into a less intrusive governing position. For the hiring of Mr. Kelly three years ago as an un-elected CAO was through his longtime friend Clifford Lee.

Mr. Kelly’s loyalties are still directed towards Mr. Lee. Mr. Kelly has very little incentive to show loyalty to the newly-elected Mayor Brown and to newly elected city councillors.

Just one week into office, Mayor Brown and City Hall are already being been hampered by newly minted-procedural bylaws and the "Municipal Government Act." Both pieces of legislation being established under the watchful eye of former Mayor Lee and Mr. Kelly.

City Hall should be free to move forward in the 21st century so that all of Charlottetown's citizenry can benefit from living in a democratic and historic city.

Carl Phillis,


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