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LETTER: Disappointed with city council over Nimrods decision

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How disappointing that Charlottetown city council choose to deny these young men a permit for Great George Street. They were given no chance to address the potential problems that council saw as their reason for denial. A council that has no problem destroying neighbourhoods for a developer (without a public meeting), but has no time for young entrepreneurs who will enhance the downtown, is not a council for the citizens. Especially when there was such support for them.

I did find buried in an article written in this newspaper the fact city council stated that other businesses in the area would suffer. Have they never heard that competition is good for business? These businesses might have to step up their game.

The section of town past Kent Street is rarely visited by tourists, some do find their way to those blocks but not the majority. What an exciting draw Nimrods’ would be, bringing more business to all. Shame on city hall and the businesses that are afraid of the new guys.

Here's hoping that not being wanted on Great George Street will be a totally successful new beginning for Nimrods.

Wendy Budgeon,

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