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LETTER: Critical of Charlottetown cabs

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My wife and I have just returned from a recent trip to P.E.I. This was probably our fifth trip to the Island.

We once again thoroughly enjoyed our trip, except for an incident that happened on July 8 - the last night of our trip. We had decided to visit the Old Dublin Pub again and elected to take a cab and not risk driving after having some drinks.

A cab was ordered by our hotel and it took quite some time to arrive. However, as we later discovered, the driver took a much longer route than necessary to our destination. This we discovered later when returning to our hotel. I feel certain that this action was taken to boost the fare.

Later when we were ready to return to our hotel, I asked the waitress to order a cab for us. This was no problem. We then left the pub and waited curbside. A half hour later, no cab had arrived and the waitress was leaving as she had completed her shift. She seemed quite surprised at this and suggested that I go back inside and ask them to check on the cab. This I did, and the person doing check was unable to get confirmation of the order. From our conversation with the waitress I felt quite certain that the original call had been made.

We then went back outside and continued to wait until the owner came out and asked “how come you are still here?” He then offered to drive us to our hotel and we accepted. This was when we learned how short a drive it was to our hotel and this led to my believe that the first driver played games with us and that the other cab companies did not wish to take the fare.

The lesson learned was that you are better in Charlottetown to risk driving after having a couple of drinks than do the responsible thing and try to get a “phantom” Charlottetown cab.

Finally, Charlottetown and all of P.E.I. was once again great to visit. But, a lot of work need to be done on the cab system.

David A Dodd,


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