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LETTER: Credit for physical activity

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For kids, we know physical activity leads to other things: learning new skills, making new friends, gaining new confidence, building strong character and, we hope, inspiring a passion for being active and healthy that lasts a lifetime.

As many Islanders know, getting kids into these activities can be a challenge for hard-working parents. The costs add up. I call on Premier Dennis King and the P.E.I. Progressive Conservative party and government to immediately introduce legislation as well enact the change as making a credit refundable starting in 2020, meaning Islanders who pay little or no income tax can still receive the credit.

Premier King, for something this important, no child should be left out. Everyone has heard the saying: ‘It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.’ But what should be even more important for your government is that kids get a chance to play in the first place. My opinion is whatever is good for our children and good for our communities is good for Prince Edward Islanders.

Jeffery Warren Reynolds,


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