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LETTER: Core residents left in cold

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A couple of observations about the violent wind storm last week: First, it’s a good thing it happened on a weekday as there were lots of updates in the media. I’m talking here mainly about radio coverage of power outages, etc. That’s not the case on a weekend or holidays, though, when it seems most radio stations are on “automatic pilot” with very little, if any, local news.

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The other point I’d like to make is about the so-called “warming centres” where people could go when there are extensive and prolonged electrical power outages. The CBC and, I guess, other radio stations listed a number of these locations across the Island throughout the day. One thing that surprised me, though, was that the two listed for Charlottetown were the West Royalty Community Centre and Hillsborough Hall. Apparently, no such accommodations were provided for affected residents in the downtown or more central parts of the city.

Cold comfort indeed for many of those who are disadvantaged and others with no means of transportation and must walk to such centres. The downtown fire hall, or maybe the Murphy Community Centre, come to mind as logical locations well equipped for such circumstances. Maybe this is something our new mayor Philip Brown could add to his list of priorities.

David MacCallum,


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