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LETTER: Congratulations to Brittany Banks

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Congratulations to Islander Brittany Banks for so capably stepping into the role of Rosie in this year’s production of Momma Mia! Brittany was originally cast as a member of the ensemble; however, she was tasked as an understudy for the role of Rosie.

Being designated an understudy for a major role is an honour in itself and provides invaluable experience, but one seldom expects to be called upon to perform in that capacity. However, unanticipated casting challenges in this production of Momma Mia! required that Brittany take on the role of Rosie four times the week of Aug. 19. Last week, Brittany had returned to her role in the ensemble on Wednesday, but Thursday, Aug. 26, Brittany received notice at 5 p.m. that she was needed in the role of Rosie just three hours later. This happened to be the performance we attended.

Brittany delivered an incredibly fine performance that evening and it’s our understanding that she has continued in that role. This wellknown native of Springvale played the lead in a Toronto production of Cinderella last year, and all her talents are on full display this summer as Rosie in Momma Mia! The Island should be pleased to see the growing list of theatrical credits that Brittany is amassing in her very promising career.

Allen and Marilyn Stoolmiller,


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