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LETTER: Concerned about Summerside fire services, drug crisis

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Summerside City Council are to commended for actions to date concerning Pope Road/Central Street. We will finally see this location project underway by this time in 2020. Good vision and action must continue.

Residents should be updated on our fire services facility. This has been an issue for many years. With a new chief in place, it’s time to get this project off the shelf.

I have been advised that a number of senior firefighters have resigned or retired recently. Residents should be made aware of the situation within our fire services, such as morale, updated equipment, the facility itself in terms of working conditions, adequate numbers and whatever else may be of great importance. When Tina Mundy was on city council, she made a lot of noise and did get some results. In my opinion, this project has to be front and centre.

I am also concerned about our drug crisis. This situation is as bad as it gets in Summerside. Recent serious crime within our city is attributed to persons dealing with serious addictions. Since the public forum in April 2019, not much has come out of City Hall or our police services. What happened to the public comment our CAO made about the city getting a traffic section after all the complaints last summer.

These issues are fresh in the minds of residents, who pay high taxes for these services. Residents should be reading about what action city council is taking on all of the above. Let’s not forget that we now have a $3-million surplus, plus $2.8 million in gas rebates in 2019. Residents should be updated as to where this money is being allocated. Communication and engagement with residents and city council is paramount.

David Griffin,


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