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LETTER: Climate hypocrisy

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The cartoon by Michael de Adder on Oct. 7 in The Guardian and Journal Pioneer is most apt. We see our profligate PM using two big jets for his election performance, when surely one would do. It is indicative of his confusing stance on climate issues, and leaves me with the feeling that he has squandered a strong mandate spinning his wheels and looking good. He appears to have a better future in show biz than governance.

Equally at home on the show biz ticket is our climate-saving heroine Greta Thunberg, who would have us believe that her tirades on climate have credibility by sailing, yes emissions free, on a 4 million Euro carbon fibre racing yacht during hurricane season when it is known that these super-fast vessels can break up in a storm. Then some hapless seamen would have had to go out to rescue her in a dieselpowered vessel, oh horrors, the emissions! Did anybody calculate the carbon footprint of that fragile vessel made of high-tech materials all sourced from oil? With luck she made it, and then her crew were flown back to Europe, only to have to fly back again to take the kid home. Hypocrisy?

Peter Noakes,


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