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LETTER: Christmas is Christian

Nativity scene
Nativity scene - 123RF Stock Photo

Christmas is fast approaching and it reminds me that Christians are fast becoming obsolete. Churches that embrace abortion, evolution, sexual immorality and disregard the 10 commandments are playing Christian. When leaders, stores, public places and news casts etc. remove Christ from Christmas by saying happy holidays, season greetings, it is a serious disrespect to Christianity. Christmas is a Christian holiday. Major charitable organizations that leave out the true meaning of Chrismas should not even have a Christmas campaign. B.C. use to mean Before Christ and A.D. used to mean In The Year Of Our Lord. Now it is B.C.E. before the common era. And C.E. the common era. Christians are not racist, honest as the day is long and have integrity of the highest order. Christians do not support abortion, evolution, sexual immorality but support the 10 commandments. Sorry for the rant but true Christians are becoming as scarce as hen's teeth. Today Christian is an obscene word.

Ron Jenkins,

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