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LETTER: Christian charity was absent here

In this week’s guest sermon, Major Rev. Tom Hamilton says that ultimately, whatever our age, each one of us shares the same purpose in life - to love God, and to love others.
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Recently my wife and I were parking our vehicle to attend Sunday service at a local church when we noticed a police car pull in and stop beside a young man who frequents this area accepting donations from those who choose to help him in daily life. This person has an invisible disability and accepts gratefully anything people offer. He is not aggressive, keeps himself clean, and does not ask for anything, but does thank everyone graciously when they choose to help him.

We spoke with the policeman and he explained that he received a call from a person who was attending service and although the young man was not breaking any laws by being in the area, the police are obligated to respond when they receive a complaint.

We are at a loss to understand why someone would complain in this situation, if one does not want to give then pass by and let those who want to give do so without being criticized (which has happened to us in the past). I will quote from what a man who was giving said to us once, “I give in thanksgiving for the fact that my children do not have to be out here asking others for help.”

It is ironic that during the service one of the prayers used was a prayer for the poor and needy to which everyone replied, ”Amen”. Perhaps we all should become more aware of what we pray for.

Bill Costain,
Slemon Park

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