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LETTER: Bring back Blondie and Dagwood

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While I am not a sports enthusiasts to any degree, with the entire country cheering for the Toronto Raptors, one could not help but hop on the bandwagon. Any true Canadian would. I kept tabs, somewhat, on how the games had developed and decided to watch the last game, and like millions of fans across Canada, was not disappointed. While my voice was/is already compromised to a degree, due to the heavy pollen influx this spring, I am now even more hoarse after cheering, clapping my hands and stopping my feet each time the Raptors pulled ahead. The final seconds of the game lent itself to a lot of the previous activities described. I’ll bet there is plenty of really tired fans today (Friday).

On another note, what happened to Blondie and Dagwood in the comics? I see several new additions to that strip, none of which I can get interested in. I tried. I like Zits, Dustin, Between Friends and the Baby Blues. The others just don’t grab me at all. I’ve seen many comics come and go over the years, and have clipped and saved some of my favourites. But my feeling is, comics should be funny. I fail to see that in these additions to the comic strip. Bring back Dagwood and Blondie, please! I need my early morning chuckle.

Kathy Birt,


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