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LETTER: ATV club respectful of the environment

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As many of us are found with limited activities to do on the Island, the Evangeline ATV Club is giving us a family activity that is enjoyed by hundreds of people. The club is very involved in the community with organizing ATV runs, offering scholar bursaries, taking kids on joy rides in the trails as a school outing during the winter, giving various donations – the last one went to Keeping Cats Homed.

The club has in excess of 200 kilometres worth of trails that covers Tyne Valley and Richmond areas with the base located near St. Timothy. Some of the trails are for winter riding only. The president of the club went to every land owner to request access to a portion of their land and the club has a memorandum of understanding with the respective land owners.

The efforts to keep the trails adequately groomed, the bridge in good repair and the land owners satisfied with the work being done on their land is a continued demonstration of tireless workforce led by the Chair of the club.

As a ‘Come from Away’ guy, I have taken part of some of the activities offered by the club, and deemed it necessary to get a trail pass to help the club grow. They are very safe to ride with and every member is pleasant to be around. When they meet someone in need of help, they take the time necessary to make sure that the riders feel safe to continue before they go on their merry way.

As I watched the news on CBC P.E.I.’s Compass, I noticed that we only heard one side of the story. The newscaster should request to have the president of the club and let him express his point of view. When I saw the news, I questioned the president, and was satisfied that he operated in the best interest of the club and the land owner while respecting the environment. While building the bridge, at no point was there going to be a restriction on the water flow or pollution. As such, I will remain a faithful rider in the club, enjoying the well-groomed trails. I find the Evangeline ATV Club to be very organized and safety oriented. As a Royal Canadian Navy Veteran, I appreciate that.

Mario Couture,


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