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I’ve heard and been a witness to many interactions between a business and a client or a tenant and a landlord to name a few. The problem is either not hearing, taking pride in fixing the issue or ignoring it altogether. For example, if you’re someone who owns or manages a rental property, you should be thinking ‘my mother could live here.’ Or fixing a car, ‘my mother could be driving it.’ What happens to the standards that are in place? Or are we just a number? That if we’re not happy, they say next! My philosophy is take care of the small problem before it becomes a bigger one. People don’t seem to take pride in the job they’re doing anymore, and to them I say, next! We seem to have a lot of recalls on various things. Are we getting better at catching them? Or are corners being cut! Your reputation is behind every job you do and whether you have repeat business or not. Whether a previous tenant recommends you or says don’t move there you’d be better off in a pup tent. Then I think of all the government subsidized housing buildings that are yet to be built. I hope the bar is set really high on these structures. That someone oversees to ensure no more deficient buildings are being built. Our tax dollars build these structures. They should be better built than anything out there. If you get a government contract to maintain these buildings for whatever reason some it seems do the bare minimum it’s easy money to them because no one is coming behind to ensure the job is done properly. It’s not like a private rental property where it’s your money instead of tax dollars that is paying to do maintenance. I can tell you they’re not better built from my own personal experience. I live in a deficient government subsidized apartment building.

Tamara MacDonald,


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