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LETTER: An open letter to Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal

Nail in pavement
Nail in pavement - 123RF Stock Photo

I am writing to you as the spring road work and maintenance season begins. Returning from my daily walk along Rte #116, between Victoria and Tryon, I came across nails and nylon strings sticking up from the edge of the pavement. I picked up six large nails and many metres of orange nylon string in 1/4 of a kilometre.

My first concern obviously is that someone will step on these nails and have it go right through their shoe or boot. The second concern is that the tires of cars and trucks passing by will be punctured or the nail will be flung up and hit the undercarriage. And my third concern, is for the environment. The orange nylon string used to mark the edge of the pavement never breaks down.

In this day and age, there is certainly no reason to use nylon string when there’s all kinds of cotton, biodegradable string on the market. Also, there has to be a better solution to using these huge nails to hold down the string. At the very least, if your transportation department must use these nails, someone should pick them up once the roadwork is complete.

I look forward to your response.

Stay well in these difficult times, and thank you for doing all you can to keep Islanders safe.

Fran Albrecht,

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