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LETTER: Always be yourself

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In response to the federal funding received by Pride P.E.I., I would like to express my overwhelming sense of belonging surrounding the fundamental impact that these actions will have, both locally and globally. As a member of the LGBT+ community, Pride is a time of celebrating how far we, as a community, have come, and facing adversity as a chance to persevere and effect real change.

These celebrations prove that Canada is committed to eliminating the ever-present fight for equality experienced by this marginalized community.

Locally, Pride Week promotes awareness, inclusion and opens the channels of communication for those who struggle with their identity. Globally, having this outward support from the federal government shows that our nation is focussed on encouraging its citizens and providing them with a voice. According to Statistics Canada (2015), three per cent of our population identifies as homosexual or bisexual, excluding other expressions of gender and sexual identity. These numbers continue to grow, making acceptance and inclusion paramount. Not only will the federal funding for Pride P.E.I. promote healthy expression of identity, a clear message is also sent to all of our citizens: Always be yourself.

Zachary Melanson (UPEI student),


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