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LETTER: Abuse now leads to abuse later

Peace officers across Nova Scotia are receiving specialized training in dealing with domestic violence situations.
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In today's world, a lot of females and children are afraid to say that they are experiencing emotional abuse. Moreover, most of them cannot even recognize it sometimes.

Unfortunately, there are families in which parents are physically or emotionally fighting with each other or they abuse their kids. Of course, there are helplines where you can call and get help, but not everyone does it.

From very early childhood, I have seen too many mostly physical violence scenes in my family and I have never understood why my family members did not do anything. At that time, when all this was happening, women’s rights did not have as much support as they do now. Back then, men could abuse their wives, in front of their kids, just because they are a weaker gender, as the stereotypes tell us.

Nowadays, these situations are still not a rare issue and in most occasions, people become abusive because of the wrong family model that their parents gave them. When the kid watches this kind of relationship between his parents, he adjusts to this and he thinks that it is normal, because he does not know and see any other model of the perfect family. Later, if he does not change, he will make the same mistake in his family.

I just want all the parents to think about how every single step they do influences their kids.

Viktoriya Stelmashchuk,
UPEI student

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