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LETTER: A better life

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You need one more step to get your 'Bearings Straight.' In Saturday's editorial, you said, "Unless we're part of the Indigenous population, we all trace our roots back to immigration." And where, pray tell, did the Indigenous population come from? They are descendants of those who walked across the land bridge we now call the Bering Strait. They just got here a bunch of millennia before the rest of us. Why did they do that? Quoting you, "Immigrants come here looking for a better life for themselves and their families."

Except for those who have immigrated in their own lifetimes, we all descended from immigrants. All came for the same reason: a better life.

Without those with the drive to go somewhere else to seek a better life, humanity would still be in that place they first appeared. Humanity would have collapsed under its own accumulated weight.

We, all of us, are of the people who sought better lives, whether it is the first generation or thousands of generations before that. Yes, as you said, "We are better off as a result of it."

Carl Mathis,


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