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LETTER: World history vindicates Israel

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Richard Deaton, PhD, LLB., a resident of Stanley Bridge, P.E.I. in his guest opinion in the Guardian, July 7 uses a phrase - And the truth will set you free. I wonder if Richard knows that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life a Jew and a Zionist? No matter; Richard you are one mother of a Zionist hater and as for me I am a Zionist lover and proud of it. All true Christians should be Zionists. History vindicates Israel and so does God. Jews, Reformed Jews and Zionists are hated because they are Jews. Israel is hated because their a Jewish nation. I think the Jewish community would stand up for Israel.

The facts are hard to swallow and you can be critical of any nation. Richard why be critical of Israel when you have hate in your own heart? Richard, I do not pretend to have your knowledge, wisdom and a writers’ gift but I do know the truth and it is not pretty. We judge in today's world but God is the judge.

The law usually does not dispense justice but God will. Richard, I would be very afraid of your hate for Zionists since they are the apple of God's eye and His-story (Christ's story) will prove it. Eternity is forever, Richard and you do not know the whole truth and propaganda is misleading.

Ron Jenkins,


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