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PAT WIEDEMER: What happened to care for both mother, child?

Health P.E.I. focus seems slanted in favour of abortions
(File Graphic)
Health P.E.I. focus seems slanted in favour of abortions(File Graphic) - FILE

Where are the rest of the statistics, which indicate a composite and thorough health care for women?

In response to the CBC Nov. 8 report, “116 surgical abortions performed on P.E.I. so far this year, province says,” and that Health P.E.I. will be expanding its women’s reproductive services, I am compelled to make some comments.

Rachelle Pike, manager of the Women’s Wellness Program and Sexual Health Services with Health P.E.I., makes the audacious statement that this expansion is “exciting.” Exciting for whom?

The woman in the midst of a life and death decision for her child? Health P.E.I. statistics for abortions at the PCH state 116 deaths by surgical abortions, but is silent on how many medical abortions. Why the incomplete data? How many more pre-born children are we really talking about?

Where are the rest of the statistics, which indicate a composite and thorough health care for women, which is supposed to be the purpose of the Women’s Wellness Program? How many women were counselled and kept their child? Was an ultrasound done to show the mother that her child has fingers, toes and a heartbeat at this stage or was it done just for the doctor to assess gestational age?

How many women actually exercised their freedom of choice and chose life? Withholding further data implies that the counselling services are not neutral but rather are pro-abortion.

Health P.E.I. does not release the rest of the data on the services for STD, Menopausal discomfort, birth control, etc. So are we really talking about full-services or are we actually talking about mainly abortion services and that this is indeed a concerted effort to push the abortion of Island children on our population as part of an “exciting” agenda?

The figure of 146 women needing care for post-partum is the only other statistic reported. It is good that this is available. What about the women seeking post-abortive counselling? Are they too being served? Why is there no data? International statistics show women who have had abortions have an 81 per cent higher risk of mental health problems compared to women who have not.

I fail to understand what is exciting about the loss of these 116 children, five full classes of kindergarteners or, in 20 years, graduates of UPEI. This is devastating for 116 vulnerable Canadians, 232 mothers and fathers of those children, not to mention a great loss for all of P.E.I. not to have the presence of these future citizens.

One hundred and 16 abortions means nine pre-born humans per month, who were decapitated, dismembered and disembowelled through surgical abortion. This is a massive violation to the inherent value of the human person.

Easier access to abortion is not about reproductive services; this is about deconstructive services. The repetitive use of the words “wellness” or “reproductive services” means abortion and is misleading and deceptive.

This is also not about a woman’s right to abortion either. There exists no such right in Canadian law. A true Women’s Wellness Program would announce how many women they have enabled to choose life for their child, which is a right of all humans.

- Pat Wiedemer is Executive Director, P.E.I. Right to Life Association

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