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OPINION: Witnesses fail to come forward

Charlottetown Police Services
Charlottetown Police Services

What is happening in Charlottetown lately where people think it is just fine to hit another car and not stop?



On August 31, at approximately 8:45 p.m., my daughter was involved in a hit-and-run at the intersection of University and the Charlottetown Mall. She was turning left onto University from next to Shoppers Drug Mart and was hit by an older red Ford car coming from the mall, driven by an older gentleman.

A witness statement confirms when she turned (driving a standard) she stopped as there was a car across from her waiting to turn left as well. She looked behind the car and there was no car coming so she proceeded through the intersection.

Unfortunately, the red car was driving far too fast through this intersection and hit her on the back wheel behind the passenger door and then continued to leave the scene.

While I am grateful that my daughter and her passenger were not injured, this did cause over $3,000 in damage to my car (a silver cobalt). Despite many cars and witnesses at the intersection, only one witness came forward to provide a statement and was not able to provide a plate number to the police.

What is happening in Charlottetown lately where people think it is just fine to hit another car and not stop? While this hit and run was not reported by the police on social media, nor the news outlets, multiple others have been reported extensively in the media as well as social media.
I’m shocked at the lack of care people on this Island display for other people’s property and well-being. Please. If you have seen or know someone who drives a red older Ford car (possibly a Taurus) that has recently been damaged or a car repair shop that has fixed one with damage to the front, please advise Charlottetown police constable Kitson who was the attending officer so that this person can face the consequences of leaving the scene of an accident.

Insurance is repairing the car so this is not about that. My concern is the next time this careless driver gets behind the wheel it could be someone’s wife, mother, child or family member that he hits. Maybe, without the benefit of a car to protect them, he could kill someone. Had he hit my daughter two seconds earlier, her passenger would have been injured. Keep that in mind if you know this individual or have seen the car. It could be your child next.

Remember this letter and know this is the moment you could have saved them and chose not to.

- Sandie Boulet of Summerside is seeking to identify the man who was involved in a hit-and-run involving her daughter.

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