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OPINION: Unfair treatment for player, team

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They are just kids under a lot of pressure from parents, the organization and CHL



It is with extreme disappointment that I read the headline on the front page of your paper. It read “Isles forward charged with impaired driving,” as well as an oversized picture of the individual.

While not wanting to understate the seriousness of the offence committed, I wonder why the front-page headline read exactly as it did. I suggest this headline was to attract the reader in order to increase sales of the paper.

I am all for putting a person’s name in the paper if they have been convicted of an offence. There seems to be no standard as to putting an individual’s name in the paper. Seldom do you see a person’s employment listed; name yes, but normally not employment or an oversized picture.

The paper, very explicitly and prominently informs the reader, that the person who was charged with the DUI was a player for the Charlottetown Islanders hockey team.

The fact that the member is part of the team has no bearing on the fact he was charged with an offence. It only tries to bring a blemish on the team and organization as a whole.

I have been a strong supporter of this team since I was posted to the Island. I have billeted over 15 boys in the past seven years and have yet to have any issues with any of the boys on the team period. I know for a fact that the organization takes this seriously and will help him and the team anyway they can.

I can tell you that these boys do not have much of a social or personal life. They, like the rest of us, have goals and dreams that they are trying to obtain. These are just kids who are under a lot of pressure from parents, the organization and the CHL.

This negative publicity towards the team only adds to that overwhelming pressure. They work hard to provide entertainment to Island residents; at the same time wanting to reach their goals by going to school and daily training.

is an individual that is struggling with an issue that he has to seek help to overcome. I hope he gets the help he requires but at the same time he needs to pay for this offence but he does not need to be judged by us in the media. The player in question is a great guy and teammate that has made a mistake and needs to now overcome this.

In my opinion, I don’t believe that the headline was necessary the way it was written. Once again, the media in general, which screams that it is always fair and unbiased, clearly prejudges the player and organization.

In all fairness to the remainder of the team, the article could have read Charlottetown resident charged with impaired driving. In particular, leave the Islander organization affiliation out of it. It has no bearing or connection other than he plays for them. Again I don’t condone his actions.

Come out sometime and support the team, you will be surprised how hard these guys work to provide entertainment to the residents of PEI.

- William (Bill) Moore MMM, CD, of Cornwall is a member of a billet family for the Charlottetown Islanders of the QMJHL

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