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OPINION: Sears must honour paid warranties

Shoppers enter and leave a Sears retail store in Toronto on Thursday. The company began its liquidation sales Friday at its stores across the country as it prepares to shut its doors for good after 65 years. CANADIAN PRESS PHOTO
Shoppers enter and leave a Sears retail store in Toronto. CANADIAN PRESS PHOTO

I am writing to express my concerns regarding Sears Canada liquidation process and honouring their customer warranties. According to a media story, Sears Canada is refusing to fulfill warranties, purchased within the last 30 days. Think about how deceiving this is to the customers that may have gotten coerced to buy Sear’s extended warranties a few months ago. Not even taking into consideration some customers who purchased warranties a few years ago; whose warranties became non-existent Oct. 18th. This fraudulent misrepresentation is going to have hundreds or thousands of customers irate.

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I am currently employed at Best Buy and to this day, we still fulfill warranties Future Shop sold to customers. Sears Canada should not be let off the hook so easily. They should have discontinued selling warranties to customers from the moment they filed for bankruptcy. Especially if Sears was unable to find a buyer and a company to carry out the pending extended warranties. It is great that Sears is fulfilling warranties that customers purchased within 30 days of Oct. 18, but what about the ones before that?

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There can only be two solutions to this problem. Sears Canada finds a company as soon as possible that is willing to aid customers in fulfilling these warranties, or they give customers their money back paid for the warranties. I know it is not going to be that simple but something has to be done for these customers.

D’Vac Munroe
UPEI Student

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