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OPINION: No parking fees backfires at QEH

Queen Elizabeth Hospital. -File

The elimination of parking fees was probably welcome news for those that used that facility either as a patient or a visitor. Unfortunately I, and many more (including staff), feel this has backfired. It is now near impossible to get a parking spot if you are visiting the hospital.

The hospital parking lot is now being used in several ways that was not envisioned when the new policy was introduced. I’ve had conversations with some staff members and the public to try and understand why the parking lot is always full. Well this is some of the explanations that I’ve heard.

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Some downtown employees have difficulty finding a spot to park so they leave their vehicles at the QEH and go downtown by bus, or several meet and car pool downtown. It is also convenient for those who wish to avoid parking fees at the airport when they are traveling, so they leave their car and take a cab to the airport.

In some cases staff park there (especially the evening shift) rather than use the free staffing park lot at the back of the hospital.

I hope the government revisits the policy of free parking and replaces it with one that is fair to patients and their visitors.

Ken Gillis,

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