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OPINION: Is P.E.I. agriculture next?

Kings North MLA John Lohr
Kings North MLA John Lohr - Colin Chisholm

Scientific expert states that Island agriculture has major negative impact potential on Strait



Open Letter to Wade MacLauchlan, Premier of Prince Edward Island:

Dear Premier,

I read your recent open letter calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna to intervene in Nova Scotia's jurisdiction.

The Northern Pulp project will already undergo a rigorous environmental assessment. Yet you're asking for more Ottawa red tape to slow down the project which will, effectively, kill the mill.

This is not an issue to be trifled with. The jobs of thousands of Nova Scotians are at stake.

Despite this, you decided to make your request known to Nova Scotians via a tweet.

I would encourage caution when playing politics like this, Mr. Premier. As you work to build favour with environmental activists like the David Suzuki Foundation, the Ecology Action Center, and the Council of Canadians, consider what happens if they are successful and shut down the pulp and paper industry in Nova Scotia.

A scientific expert at UPEI has stated publicly that P.E.I. agriculture has more negative impact potential on the Strait than the planned activity at Northern Pulp.

If these professional activists shut down industry in Nova Scotia, will they come after P.E.I. agriculture next? Or will you be called upon to shut down companies like the Atlantic Beef Products plant in Borden, for example, since they have an effluent pipe that dumps directly in the Strait?

They can point out that if you opposed an effluent pipe from Nova Scotia, then it would be hypocritical for you to support a pipe from P.E.I.

I am disappointed that you would choose to play political games like this.

You appear to be throwing rocks from inside a glass house. I support good science and good jobs and suggest that you do so too.

- John Lohr, MLA Kings North, and Nova Scotia PC Leadership Candidate

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