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OPINION: A call to Cornwall residents

Town of Cornwall
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Town undergoing significant amount of change; can be cause for people to be apprehensive



As a former mayor of the Town of Cornwall, it’s my opinion the upcoming municipal election on Nov. 5 will be instrumental in shaping the future of Cornwall.

With the development of the Cornwall bypass, the planning of Cornwall’s new main street, and with several residential developments underway, Cornwall is undergoing a significant amount of change. Like any transition period, there can be cause for people to be apprehensive and attempt to cling to the old ways of doing things.

I would encourage Cornwall residents and business owners to move past those feelings and look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead for our great town. For example, Cornwall is surely to see new access routes on to our town’s main street, an increase in our population, new active transportation paths, street lighting, trails, green spaces, and other new benefits will surely be coming soon thanks to the above developments.

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That’s where the importance of this November’s election comes into play: so that Cornwall can effectively move forward and continue to grow in a sustainable manner, it’s crucial that we elect competent and qualified municipal representatives.

I am putting a call out to residents that have the skills and aptitudes to be an effective municipal councillor – talents in leadership, critical analysis, planning, strategic development, business, engineering, communication, and other desirable abilities – now is the time to step-up for your community and become a candidate in this municipal election.

And to the voters in Cornwall, I encourage you to vote for the best candidates we have on the ballot. Get engaged and question candidates on their skills, their professional experience, community involvement and their vision for the town of Cornwall.

I would encourage voters to look at for incumbent candidate’s previous record while on council to determine if they are motivated to do what is best for the town of Cornwall. Finally, ask yourself, “Does the candidate possess the necessary skills to provide senior leadership to one of the province’s largest municipalities?”

As a former mayor of Cornwall, I can assure you, whether you realize it or not, the people sitting in the chairs in Cornwall’s council chambers will have a significant impact on the future of Cornwall.

I hope that every resident that can will perform their civic duty this Nov. 5 in electing the best possible municipal government for the town of Cornwall.

- Glen (Barney) Fullerton is a former mayor of the Town of Cornwall

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