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LETTER: Wrong road torn up, paved?

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I am wondering every single day as I drive over the portion of St. Peters Highway where pavement was torn up, just at the end of Marshfield and near the sign for Dunstaffnage, why was it torn up and why did it take three weeks to repave it?

Wasn't all this section of St. Peters Highway repaved last summer? Was it a mistake tearing it up again in October? Were the signs indicating road construction ahead, a mistake? Any time I drove in or out of Charlottetown there was no construction going on. I'm not sure when the tearing up was done, or the pavement put down, but it certainly wasn't at any of the times I was driving back and forth.

It has been puzzling me, as I'm sure it is others who drive this route regularly. And why was it not completely re-paved? There is a Peter's Road in Kings County and maybe it was this road that was supposed to be resurfaced and someone messed up. I think the Department of Transportation needs to explain their reasons for such a mess after all that roadwork that was done along that very stretch during the summer of 2016.

Kathy Birt,

Mount Stewart

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