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LETTER: Wind turbines not the answer

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It would appear that Green groups and governments all over the world have fallen deeply in love with wind turbines. It is so easy to declare that we are going to install yet more of them and thus show we are saving the world from climate change. One has only to Google the subject to find rapturous praise for them.

But if you read a bit more in Google you find that they are not so wonderful. Nowhere do they provide the amounts of reliable base-load electricity we need to power a low-carbon economy. The whole place would need to be festooned with their towers. Calculations show that to power the whole of Great Britain with them would require an area the size of Wales.

The answer has been staring us in the face for decades, nuclear. If you read beyond the disaster scenarios of the anti-nuke lobby, you will discover that we have been grossly misled by these folk, and that indeed it is high time governments bit the bullet and commenced an urgent program of their construction.

I am prepared to be denounced as a prophet of doom by these people. My response is, do some more reading. Change your minds, not because of me but because of what you have read.

Read, read, read. Please.

Peter Noakes,


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