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LETTER: Wildlife manages to survive winter

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Today at the break of dawn, Jan. 23, I made my daily trek to my newspaper tube at curbside. As I walked to the curbside I had a feeling that I wasn't alone, I felt I had 'company.' In my bathrobe I reached into the tube for my Guardian, looked down and there was Mr. Fox looking up at me. He was as close to me that I could have touched him had I wanted to.

I didn't panic, he showed no panic so I turned and walked back to my door. He walked by my side, looking up at me constantly until I arrived at my door. I looked behind as I entered the apartment building and there he sat on the step looking at me and, I suppose, looking for food. I was not frightened to have Mr. Fox accompany me to curbside.

I don't break the cardinal rule of not-to-feed-the wildlife that abounds in this part of Borden-Carleton. Coyotes, foxes, snowy owls, sea gulls and a whole lot of birds of all description scour the seashore area foraging for food. It’s difficult to watch them, hungry and cold maybe, not to toss out a treat.

Recently we had a problem that ended in a court session where all residents were told to not feed wildlife.

But, you know, this wildlife that visit all of us everyday appear to be sustaining themselves, what with winter et al.

Ralph MacDonald,


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