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I have listened on the radio and looked on-line and no where do I see a title in this new cabinet for a Seniors Minister. Within the Liberal cabinet, Tina Mundy had the title of minister of family and human services and minister responsible for seniors. In her term, she initiated new programs for seniors, one of which I and senior friends benefited from. Now, our new Progressive Conservative government seems to have overlooked seniors completely. Does the new minister of health and wellness, or the new minister of social development and housing, cover Seniors? Does our new premier know that there are more people age 65 and over, than 14 and under in P.E.I., if not in our country? I’m certainly taken aback at the oversight, if that is what it is. We seniors need to know we count and our needs re government will be met. What happens to the new programs Mundy initiated? I’d like to hear from our premier on this huge and growing issue. We need our own minister. Perhaps the PCs need to be a little more progressive in appointing the cabinet and think about who brought all these people to where they are today. Parents, who are now seniors and need a seniors’ minister.

Kathy Birt,


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