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LETTER: Where's the outcry against legislation?

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I, like many others, have stated that the New Municipalities Act is a vile and unconstitutional Act. Here is the proof. Several communities have held votes on amalgamation. The people who took the time to vote all said no. Yet here we have a group of power hungry individuals who stand to lose their jobs so are not going to accept a democratic vote. They will proceed on their merry way.

This is what happens in third world banana republics. If this had occurred anywhere else in the world there would be rioting in the streets and blood would most surely be shed. We will see what inducements these individuals will receive for depriving people of their democratic rights over the next few months no doubt. A seat on a board here a job promotion there who knows.

In a democratic society, there are checks and balances and rules to stop this abuse of power. Not in this Act. But what is even more disgusting is the lack of any outcry from the media's political reporters or the official opposition. We know that the Greens were complicit in supporting this vile bill so it is no wonder they are silent. Let’s remember that when the next election rolls around.

So, with the lack of any opposition or support what are people supposed to do?

Paul Smitz,


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