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LETTER: What's in it for Georgetown?

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There has been a lot of talk about the larger voice at the table and the short-lived property tax decreases, but how is amalgamation really going to benefit Georgetown. You can have a larger voice at the table through co-operation too. I've still not heard any convincing pro-amalgamation arguments, although I can think of hundreds of ways it might negatively impact Georgetown. There is very little evidence of any substantive benefits.

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Georgetown was-positioned to meet the new Municipalities Act requirements that the Liberal government is using to force small communities into amalgamation - with a little work, it was possible that Georgetown could continue as the unsullied capital of King's County well into the future. That is, if Wade MacLauchlan's Liberals had kept their sticky fingers out of municipal politics.

There are now rumours that Cardigan is looking at getting town water and sewer. There are rumblings that Montague is getting a new regional town hall. There are also rumours that Montague is strategizing over the composition of the new council, adding an additional rink and a brand new elementary school or K-9.

But what is in it for Georgetown? Guess what. Under amalgamation our taxes will be paying for them, and this is all happening before the amalgamation is ratified.

Does Mayor Lavandier have an extensive series of improvements and proposals ready that will benefit the people of Georgetown? Can't wait for all the positive changes to our historic and well-deserving community.

Richard Toms,


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