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LETTER: We don’t need more red tape

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The lies and bending of the truth and facts continue as government tries to convince rural Islanders that the new Municipalities Act is good for them. It is in fact the most vile act passed by any government in the Island’s history.

It gives us another layer of bureaucrats, red tape, rules, regulations and increased taxes - all yet to be decided. It is the thin edge of the wedge.

It strips rural Islanders of all their democratic rights and places all decisions in the hands of the newly-formed community council . . . for a four-year term. We cannot control them, we cannot fire them. They set their own salary and benefits. They will decide your future. What you can and cannot do on your property.

We are an Island of approximately 150,000 souls. We are already over governed and over taxed. We do not require more of the same. This Act also allows the province to download services such as Emergency Measures to the communities. Higher taxes. This act must be rescinded. Call your MLA or Premier Wade MacLauchlan's office and tell them to stop this Act or you will not give them your vote next time. Do it today. While you still have a voice and a vote.

Paul Smitz,


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