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LETTER: WCB complaints nothing new

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I'm writing in response to a letter from Cyndi Harper Gallant in Nov. 23rd Guardian. I empathize with her wholeheartedly. I've read similar stories in this newspaper over the years re: Workers Compensation Board (WCB) and how they nickel and dime people to death, when in actuality, they are there to compensate injured workers.

I was aware, at some time in the past 20 years, of a couple of men who tried to get liveable compensation from the WCB and at times had to appeal to the Department of Social Services to get along, and/or go to the food bank. How shameful is that?

I remember back in the early 80s when my then teenage son worked in a restaurant for the summer and injured his back while carrying a heavy tray of flatware up a stairs. His doctor at the time told him he pulled muscles and should take a week off.

He did and filed a claim with WCB. He was eventually sent a cheque for $10. I don’t remember what his wages would have been at the time, but certainly a heck of a lot more than a mere $10. Again, I say, how shameful is that?

There are other stories about WCB nickel and diming people to death while they suffer. But I've never read a story about how many people work at WCB and how high their wages are.

Kathy Birt,

Mount Stewart

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