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LETTER: Water, water everywhere?

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Are the ongoing problems with the water systems in both Cardigan and Georgetown symptoms of a far greater problem? Have the Liberals been underfunding rural infrastructure for years (something I suspect) and putting rural communities at risk? Perhaps this neglect will become more evident if there is a change in government in the next election.

It would be an interesting stock-taking exercise to see how many rural communities on the Island have outdated water and sewer systems and longstanding problems that have not been addressed by this Liberal government, a government intent on spending capital funds on expensive bypass projects and roundabouts.

There will be a large bill to pay when these forced amalgamations create larger communities with higher expectations of services. Services will have to be upgraded. Will amalgamation open a floodgate of poorly funded and substandard rural infrastructure woes? It should be noted that there will be the expectations among residents that this infrastructure meets current health and safety requirements, incorporates new technology, and services larger residential and commercial areas.

The water issues that have been raised are an important benchmark to see how the promised larger voice of amalgamated areas (including the Three Rivers region) can work to address these longstanding infrastructure problems. In the meantime, fill your bathtub.

Richard & Stacy Toms,


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