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LETTER: Wallet’s return helps make 2018

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I would like to use this forum to extend appreciation to the person who found my lost wallet in the public parking lot by city hall in recent days. It returned it with all ID contents intact, (though I lost the cash and Tim Hortons gift card).

I cannot thank you enough for your act of kindness. I have been meaning to write this note for weeks, as I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help and how much your actions meant to me.

Just getting back my identification was a tremendous help and everything else was such a bonus. You saved me from so much aggravation and inconvenience I cannot tell you of calling cancelling and requesting new cards. Thank you.

I wish I could have said thank you in person for your help. This kind individual did not leave any contact information so I am hoping that you will print this short note to let this wonderful person know how truly grateful I am and that this will be put forward as well to the 735 people who shared this in less than 12 hours.

If you are reading this please know your act of kindness really impacted me. Your actions reminded what a lucky and fortunate person I am and to always remember how easy it is to take the time to help others. Thank you for making my 2018.

Jeffery Warren Reynolds,


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