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LETTER: Voting method has worked

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Islanders will be asked a question on election day (whenever that may be). The question will be,  as an Islander, do you want to change the way you choose the people who represent us in the legislature? Do want your district to be amalgamated with another district, so that there will be 18 districts, not 27? Do you want to have 18 MLA s represent you in the legislature. Do you want to choose another nine who will represent different political parties, with no districts that they are responsible for or constituents to represent you in the legislature. These nine will be chosen by a mathematical method called D'Hondt that the proponents of MMP (mixed member proportional representation) want. Do you want to have to pick a way of voting that can't be found in any town, village, state, province, or country in North America? Yes, you will hear from the proponents who will tell you that the Island way of voting is backward unfair, because it doesn't represent them, well if those other parties were to present an idea or a plan for the future for Islanders to understand and accept they might get enough votes to form a government. Can FPTP (first-past-the-post) be tweaked a bit? Yes. I don't believe that it is necessary to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The way we have voted since Confederation has worked and continues to work. We Islanders are unique. We love our politics and our turn out at the polls show it. The turnout is usually in the high 70 per cent to 80 per cent range. So if you don't want to change the way we vote say, NO. Remember it’s your way or the D'Hondt's way.

J. Bruce MacIsaac,


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