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LETTER: Voters in need of guidance?

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As last year’s days were fading, it was satisfying to learn of the premier’s wish to put his name before the voters in a future election.

Setting speculation aside is always good in politics, even if our elected officials prove unwilling to obey the expressed wish of the voters.

I make my remarks, not to call blame on anyone, or to impute wrongful intentions to anyone, but simply to point out that the voters made their will clear in the referendum on proportional representation. Was there any hint of fraud, or was that event just a practice run, even if a costly one (for the money spent was public money and the decisions gave us all the will of the people)?

Are we voters mere dupes in need of proper guidance since we fail to see the forest for the trees? Or maybe we voters are expected to give credence to the old saying: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” It certainly makes one wonder.

Coleman O’Hare,


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