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LETTER: Voters guide leaflet unclear

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Further to all the discussion about the anticipated referendum on electoral reform, including differing expressed opinions on how MMP (mixed member proportional representation) will work, I have to say that the voter’s guide leaflet doesn’t help things along. As with the earlier referendum, whose “explanatory” leaflet was all but incomprehensible, I wish this current leaflet had been professionally edited to correct its grammar, punctuation, and syntax so that the reader could comprehend the options at first reading, not the fifth (or not at all). It is no wonder that people become both disenchanted and even misled, throw their hands up, and ultimately don’t vote. Such an important decision - our political future - should be laid out in front of the voters with crystal clarity. Additionally, buried way at the bottom, mention is made of voters needing to register online for a Voter Information Card. That information would have been much better placed on the back panel where there is plenty of room for it, not to mention greater clarification given on its purpose and how to obtain one if you do not have access to the internet.

Daphne Davey,


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