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LETTER: Volvo dealer gets shut down

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If you ever wonder how far the tentacles of our little government creep into your daily activities, here is something to think about.

Our government has been boasting about a booming economy, as artificial and self-serving as it may be, so you would think they would welcome any economic initiative that might come along.

Recently, a Moncton Volvo dealership arranged to bring a pop-up show room to the Charlottetown Event Grounds, June 12-15. Permits were sought and obtained from the city. The show was set to go. At the last minute, the show was unexpectedly cancelled. It appears the province interceded and cancelled the show because the dealer did not get a provincial permit to have the show. A spokesperson for the province stated they could not get one issued in time for the event.

It is difficult to imagine the city issuing a permit and then withdrawing it at the last moment without strong justification. One wonders whether or not the city was consulted on the cancellation. It must be difficult for the city to operate given the strong-arm tactics of the province. Most likely city officials are somewhat disappointed for they would have realized some financial benefit from the exhibition.

Reportedly, a local automobile dealer complained. Now who would have done that? Who would have enough political clout to make this happen?

Apparently, someone with greater access to political power than the perhaps thousand or so Islanders who were waiting to see new models.

Bring on the election.

Wayne Carver,

Long Creek

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