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LETTER: Visa mix-up delays return

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Recently on our way back from a vacation to our home in Morocco, we were returning through London Heathrow but two hours before our departure, the airline informed us that my wife was not allowed to return to Canada because her permanent resident card was held up in Ottawa because it was still being "processed."

I am a Canadian citizen and so is our daughter but my wife has British citizenship (she has lived here for 7 years). Because of this foul-up my wife had to wait in London for five days while the people there prepared a visa allowing her to return to P.E.I.

This wound up costing about $1,500 to redo her airline ticket and lodging and food. I have to tell you this incident makes us consider whether we want to be Canadians (she was currently preparing for the Canadian citizenship exam).

Our thanks to Alan and Wayne Easter our MP for trying to intervene in this matter; their help was indispensable.

Murray Sallis,


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