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LETTER: Violation pending of Charter rights

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Rural Islanders should thank their lucky stars that MLA Steven Myers and concerned resident Sylvia Teasdale are fighting to save democratic rights that are being stolen by this government. All Islanders should take note of the stand they are taking and get on board with them.

The right to vote on issues is not given to just those people living in incorporated areas, cities and towns, and denied to those of us living in unincorporated areas. This is a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights. The minister and the premier should know this. This issue will be challenged in

court and they will lose. Mr. Premier do the right and honourable thing - rescind this vile act.

Teasdale got 500 people to sign her petition - this is no small feat. I urge every community incorporated or not, to start up a petition and get your friends, family and neighbours to sign it. If your MLA and the premier see enough

names on the petition they will fear for their jobs and then they will do the right thing and kill the bill. I will be going to as many unincorporated areas as I can looking for signatures.

Please join me, Mr. Myers and Ms. Teasdale, to save democracy on the Island we love so much.

If you truly believe in democracy get off your butt and do something before it is too late.

Paul Smitz,



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