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LETTER: Very independent

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How independent is the independent? VERY! In regards to Gary Walker's letter to the editor Feb. 13th, 2019, there is no way that I would return to the Liberal party or move to any other party. While I have been asked to consider another party, form a new party, and have been described as an old white man by a member of another party, I have been very vocal about eliminating the costly impact of party politics on our province. It is my intention to mentor and encourage men and women to enter politics as Independents in order to change the face of politics for the betterment of our province. Although, I was the only Liberal MLA to stand up publicity to Premier MacLauchlan by leaving, it is certainly not all about me. It would not have be viewed as a personal vendetta if I had left as part of a group which I had expected due to the frustration of some members of the Liberal team. I harbour no ill feelings towards the premier, and still feel I have good friends on his team. However, I detest the hoax of his previous statements on conducting an "open and transparent government” verses the reality of his manipulative control.

Bush Dumville, MLA District 15 West Royalty - Springvale.

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