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LETTER: Treasure of humanness

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A little different perspective, perhaps, from a visitor to P.E.I. On Nov. 7, 2018, I had an accident while hiking and taking in the scenery of this beautiful part of the world. It happened on the main road at New Glasgow, a bright morning where the sun was shining with a smile not seen since. I arrived a couple of weeks prior, doing the tourist thing and visiting places like Charlottetown and Cavendish, reliving the memory of my childhood far from Canada, reading the books well known by many as 'Anne of Green Gables' by Montgomery in their Hebrew version. I always knew I would visit the Island one day and took the chance when it came.

The unexpected with this knowing was a turn of events of being involved in a severe car accident as a pedestrian far from home, family, friends and any type of support

What could have been a disaster for my life, and a beginning of a whirlwind of a spiral down, have been a discovery of human kindness, of empathy, generosity and receiving help. I spent almost two months in hospital with the prediction of many more till recovery, not knowing what's next and finding the encounter with institutions a bit ... unhelpful.

However, in these institutions there are people I am profoundly grateful for the expression of humanness that I found there. The real treasure of our day to day reality is the human spirit and I would like to especially thank Dianne Knox and John Sylvester for their kindness and assistance, to thank the non-profit organization Pat and the Elephant for their generous service and professionalism that exceeds expectation, to the nurses who kept humor and to the social service team at QEH for their genuine care and attentiveness.

Limor Wolf,


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