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LETTER: Transportation a constant issue

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I am a student who has been living on the Island for two years now, and I always had an issue with transportation and would like people to put a spotlight on this conflict and hopefully resolve it soon. Especially for us international students, it is a struggle to go from one place to another on the Island.

The government does not spend enough money and does not consider possible options for public transportation in Prince Edward Island. This not only affects a students’ social life, but also when they are looking for a job, they cannot consider working at a place that is a driving distance away from where they live.

This happened to me and I also witnessed other people struggling with the same problem. Trius Transit is a useful transportation option, especially for university students. However, I believe public transportation between destinations like Charlottetown-Summerside or Charlottetown-Belfast would give Island people and students more options for working, social activities and exploring the Island, particularly during summer time.

For this, I would like to suggest scheduling bus transportation on those routes or using minivans for transportation, which I believe would be cheaper, and would help people to get around easily.

Also, it would give tourists a better option to tour the Island during the summer. I hope the government can reconsider the option of expanding the public transportation on the Island and help people travel around the Island, explore and enjoy the Island more than ever.

Serdar Gurtug,

UPEI Student

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