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LETTER: Town loses out on local business

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The mayor and council of Borden-Carleton just lost a prime opportunity to prove how committed they are to the revitalization of the area.

The town received a grant from ACOA to devise a Strategic Tourism Expansion Program (STEP), hired Ekistics Design to come up with a rejuvenation plan to bring in investment and grow the area and yet they did nothing to support an existing thriving business.

The Handpie Company (formerly Scapes), whose owner lives in Borden, has been desperately seeking a Borden location to move her expanding business, after her current venue was sold.

The Handpie Company is one of the few year-round businesses within the town, it employs locals, buys from locals and draws people from all over the island and tourists who hear about this venue on social media.

I have reviewed the past several months of the Borden-Carleton Council minutes and nowhere does the item of the loss of a business appear. No mention, no discussion.

What a great opportunity for the Borden-Carleton Town Council and mayor to support a local business owner who pays taxes, brings people to the area and champions other local suppliers throughout the entire year when Borden is a ghost town. A lost chance to prove that the council is willing to go ahead with the common-sense plans submitted by Ekistics Design. Shame on you mayor and council. You allowed a strong, viable company to leave the town.

Martha Howatt,


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