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LETTER: Third voting system for P.E.I. proposed

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Here is an alternative to both voting systems being considered, first past the post and mixed-up member precipitational. It would satisfy the No What to Vote people as there would be no party lists. The ones running for a seat would all be partly party, like they are now. It would satisfy the mixed-up people by every seat being filled by someone with 50 plus per cent of the vote. It would also satisfy the old Island saying of vote early, vote often.

Have run-off votes, however many rounds are needed, dropping the candidates with the lowest number of votes for each district until someone has more than half of the votes.

If Elections P.E.I. will give us a write-in place on the ballot, we may write in "runoffs." We could turn election day into election season. Wouldn't that be fun?

Carl Mathis,

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