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Regarding the ever-growing list of people wanting the Confederation Bridge to be toll free, dream the dream! Hard reality, making wishes for a different outcome in the past is not going to change a thing. Have a read of Wikipedia, it’s full of items on the discussions leading to the bridge being built: the 1988 plebiscite, the Constitution Amendment Proclamation made in 1993. That would have been a good time to fight a toll. Here’s my feeling. Mr. Trudeau promised a bridge in Quebec will be free. Why? Because things happen differently in Quebec. They just do. Elections results as an example. I don’t know how many hours people are spending in this issue, but think of the things that might actually change if that much energy was put into poverty in P.E.I., our health system, mental health, housing for low-income and seniors, large corporations and individuals owning more land than law permits, deep water wells locations and who owns them, that’s just a few. If the Government of Canada was to enter into a take over from Strait Crossing Bridge Limited. SCBL is as secretive a company as they come. Think of how many zeros would be on a check to buy them out. Then again, perhaps this is the answer. We know the Canadian government is SO successful at committing to infrastructure building, upkeep and repairs.

George Clark-Dunning,


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