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LETTER: Taxpayers’ money being squandered

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It's time that the public speaks up and asks some serious questions of this government about how they spend our money and receive appropriate answers.

Lets look at the two areas of concern - health and education. 1) Why do contractor's bid on contracts, offer a price to complete a job, and then when there are over-runs, once again the taxpayer is on the hook. A tendered price should be firm. The over-run alone was $6.6 million.

These companies are supposed to price every aspect of the job before submitting their tender. This should be the price - period. Now let’s look at the School Renewal Review. This was a waste of everyone’s time as well as taxpayers’ dollars.

2) Health services: We have been going through a flux of doctors leaving the Island, retiring or being fired by Health P.E.I. My own doctor retired, leaving a large amount of patients without a family physician. There are other doctors retiring as well in the near future. Now, mental health. How can they even talk about anything done in this area of serious concern? Nothing of substance has been done.

I do hope in this byelection that a voice of the people, other than another Liberal, gets in. We need and deserve a diverse opposition to this ruling party.

Gordon Gay,


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