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LETTER: Tax receipts don’t tell full story

Letters to the editor
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Regarding the "Cheers & Jeers" section on Monday, December 18th. Jeers back to the

person who awarded jeers to all Prince Edward Islanders, and most Canadians, for keeping their Grinch hats on year round with low donations to charities based on their tax returns. While it is unfortunate that there appears to be a drop in donations to charities, Islanders and Canadians in general, are known for their kindness and generosity.

On any given Sunday, there are benefits in various communities across the Island to raise money for someone who is dealing with an illness, or some form of misfortune. There are secret Santas giving to those in need, those who drop off food for people in mourning, and money donated to numerous sports teams, food banks, and community groups. Islanders give for the true reason of giving, and not just for the official tax receipt.

Lori Sanderson,


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