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LETTER: Summerside voters won’t be fooled

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Recent comments by those persons that have announced their intention to run for Summerside mayor in the upcoming election have made statements in the newspapers that worry me.

The former long-time mayor who started the practice of raising the salaries of himself and the councillors on a regular basis said that he would freeze those salaries if elected again. This behaviour would be completely opposite to his past practice. He did not mention anything about the fixed cost of living practice.

I say that $50,000 per year for mayor is outrageous.

At the same time, the city councillor who is running for mayor, declared on television that it was he who cleaned up the odour problem in the west end of Summerside. He made no mention of people like MLA Helen MacDonald, cabinet minister Mike Currie, or others such as John B. Perry, my brother, who worked very hard to have the mess cleaned up.

Do these people really believe that the voters in Summerside can be fooled by these statements?

Elmer J. Perry,


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